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MW3 XP Chart

MW3 XP Chart for Weapons

You may have noticed that in MW3 the ranking of weapons and unlocking attachments is different then in previous installments of the series. MW3 uses an XP system to rank up and unlock weapons as well as ranking up levels. As you rank up each weapon in MW3 you will unlock additional items that will give you an advantage over your opponent. For example at just 500 XP for each weapon type you will have unlocked the first item, which is a red dot site for most. To unlock a heartbeat sensor for an assault rifle you must reach level 14 for that rifle.

How much XP to unlock gold camo for a weapon in MW3?

179,600 XP is required for each weapon in order to unlock the gold camo. The highest unlock for each weapon type is level 31. At this point you will be running around the map with a gold gun, and your friends and opponents will deeply envy your flashy new gun!

The following chart created by ANWA-Corpsecreate highlights the amount of XP needed for each weapon type in Call of Duty MW3 to unlock specific items for that weapon. Go ahead and click on the chart to enlarge it if you cannot see it!

MW3 Weapons XP Chart

MW3 XP Chart - Prestige Rank

This MW3 XP chart was created by ANWA-Corpsecreate. This chart is 100% accurate. Be careful not to follow the chart with the XP listed in the color ORANGE. The MW3 XP chart with BLUE in the XP column is the correct and accurate chart. We work closely with ANWA-Corpsecreate, the creator of these tables, in order to provide you the most up to date and accurate information possible.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Experience Chart 

The MW3 XP chart can be a great tool to ceeing how far along in each prestige you are. It is handy to know what weapon unlocks are coming up. It is also nice to see a liner MW3 xp chart, because the one shown in the game is not accurate.

Want to rank up faster in Modern Warfare 3?

I used the Modern Warfare Domination guide which taught me how to absolutely destroy the other team. This is without a doubt the best guide to ranking up fast on MW3 and increasing your K/D A LOT!